For the media

About the relationship between the Office of the Attorney General and its clients

The Office of the Attorney General is not an administrative body, but acts as an adviser to and/or representative for the Government, the ministries and their subordinate agencies. The administrative body concerned is responsible for the case also after it has been brought, and makes the final decision concerning the State’s standpoint on the questions raised in a case, for example whether to appeal.

Court cases

Any media inquiries can be directed to the communications manager or the lawyer responsible for the case.

Cases where we provide out-of-court advice

The Office of the Attorney General is subject to the same duty of confidentiality as other lawyers, and will therefore never be able to confirm or refute whether a case has been brought, or comment on any advice given.


Requests for access can be submitted to our email address. Please note that our correspondence with clients will be subject to a duty of confidentiality under Section 211 of the Penal Code, and is thereby exempt from public access pursuant to Section 13 of the Freedom of Information Act. Court documents can be exempt from public disclosure pursuant to Section 18 of the Freedom of Information Act.

Media inquiries should be directed to the communication manager.

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